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Greek Version German Version English Version Lentas, Ledas, Crete, hollyday, vacation, rooms, rent, apartments, studios, south, east, hotel, hotels, surrounding, beach, tourism. Lentas has a nice little beach in the village itself. But a short walk of 15 minutes takes you to beautiful pebble and stone beaches in the west and the east of the village. In and around Lentas there are many interesting archeological sites and the landscape with its bewildering contrasts between the rocks and the sea and its clear light invites for many hours of walking. Many lonely and beautiful places await you. Holidays in Greece! - Lentas is a small village in the South of Crete, only 1 1/2 hours by car or bus from Heraklion, but far away from the crowds. Clean, quiet beaches, cristal clear water, a beautiful mountain scenery and friendly people await you here. - Lentas has been a well known health resort in the antique, famous for the quality of its mineral springs. In the village Lentas itself you find a calm little beach, with a lot of shadow from the tamarisks growing there. A walk of 15 minutes along the coast to the east or the west takes you to clean and quiet pebble and sand beaches, also with enough shadow for the hot days... and tavernas here and there, nice people to meet, too... The water is cristal clear... Beautiful mountain views invite for a walk, the air is warm but clear, there is a bit of wind most of the days to cool your head.